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Here’s How You Can Prevent Bad Breath

woman checking herself for bad breath

Bad breath is one of those things that we can become nose blind to. We might not even realize we have bad breath, until someone tells us. It’s rumored that many Hollywood heavy weights suffer from bad breath, which makes filming with them a less than enjoyable experience. Similarly, if you’re a chronic bad breath sufferer chances are you’re offending some of your co-workers and family members.

What causes bad breath?

Bad breath is caused by a build up of anaerobic bacteria in the mouth. These bacteria feed off of plaque and produce a sulphuric by product that causes your mouth to smell. While naturally occurring, if you don’t take action to prevent bad breath, you’re likely going to experience an overgrowth of these bacteria.

Another cause of bad breath is dry mouth. This is because a dry mouth is the perfect place for anaerobic bacteria to multiply. Dry mouth can be caused by medications, drinking alcohol, smoking, and speaking for long periods.

What you eat can also exaggerate bad breath. Diary, onions, garlic, and fish are all food sources that bacteria feed off of.

Finally, poor oral hygiene can cause extensive bad breath. As micro organisms attach to your teeth it becomes harder for your teeth to shed the film. Regularly brushing and flossing, as well and cleanings will help reduce the growth of bacteria.

Preventing Bad Breath

There are several things you can do at home to reduce bad breath. The first thing to do is to maintain your oral hygiene. Brush twice a day, floss daily, and come to the dentist for regular cleanings. Additionally, use baking soda a couple times a week to help neutralize acids in your mouth so the bacteria don’t have anything to feed off of.

Finally, reduce dry mouth by drinking water and sucking on sugar-free hard candies.

What if my bad breath won’t go away?

Persistent bad breath could be a sign that there is something deeper going on. You could have pockets formed around your gums due to periodontitis that are collecting food and causing bad breath. You could also have decay in your mouth that you’re unaware of.

We recommend patients come in for an exam to determine the deeper cause of their bad breath if home remedies and routine oral hygiene don’t work.

Contact us to schedule an appointment or learn more about this common, but embarrassing issue. We are here to help guide and treat patients using the best options for their needs.

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